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Friday, August 11, 2006

Topinka Tries New Fundraising Approach

In light of recent campaign filing disclosures that show Rod Blagojevich with an 8 - 1 money advantage over Topinka, she has taken a new approach by pandering to big business' non-existant issues. Apparently trying to run a statewide campaign using George Ryan's fundraising list doesn't work like it used to.

In today's Daily Southtown we find out that Topinka is oppsed to "venue shopping", the practice of trying civil cases in the most advantageous location instead of the most logical one.

Joined by lawyer and state Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale), Topinka called for stricter access to Illinois courts. Basically, if you live in Cook County, you should file your cases in Cook County; if you live in Will County, file your cases in Will County.

One problem, the law already exists.

"She needs a lawyer on her staff who can read Illinois case law," said Judy Cates, president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and a practicing attorney from St. Clair County. "There is already a law in existence that says just that."

Also, Kirk Dillard filed Senate Bill 404 for consideration this veto session that states, "Existing Illinois case law shall not interfere with half-baked Judy Baar Topinka campaign proposals." It is not expected to get out of the Rules committee.

She attacked the non-issue with the requisite mock indignation, according to the Post-Dispatch she was "practically glaring" at the courthouse, the way a desperate fundraiser should. But make no mistake about it, this is not a real issue, she is not proposing anything that doesn't already exist. She's just pandering to the tort crowd and hoping they'll look hot on her next campaign finance report.


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