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Monday, August 21, 2006

Bi-Partisan-like Spirit-substance

While this blog has never been for bi-partisanship (please refer to title), nor have I displayed it, I must (regrettably) break with tradition, albeit briefly, to ask of you in a spirit that can only be described as, ahem, "bi-partisan", that you exercise restraint, particularly those of you in this fair state who have never heard a local weather forecast that included "cooler by the lake".

In their coverage of the Republican ticket's 30-something stop tour of "downstate" the Chicago Tribune cautions that the tour might not have the desired effect for Topinka:

Still, Illinois' political history is littered with candidates who stumbled while trying to strike the right symbolic note in their appeal to Downstate voters.

Topinka chose to launch her bus tour at the historic train depot where Abraham Lincoln delivered his farewell to Springfield en route to assuming the presidency. And we all know how Lincoln returned to Springfield.
Spoiler Alert: He was shot and killed.

Please ladies and gentlemen of this fair state, I implore you, don't kill her. But if you're already dead please feel free to vote against her as often as you'd like.


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