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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Top Republican Aide Pleads Guilty, Fingers Boss

I know that Republicans like to claim that corruption in Illinois was limited to George Ryan, nevermind the fact that about 70 people went down in that investigation, and now another Republican corruption scandal has borne fruit.

This one is the Lee Daniels corruption scandal. While he was head of the IL GOP he had House GOP staffers stay on state payroll and falsify their expense reports so they could subsidize campaigns with state money. They literally ran campaigns with state money on state time. Sound like anyone else you know?

Yesterday top Daniels aide Michael (the Anti-Christ) Tristano was sentenced to a year and a day for his role in the fraud. This likely is not the end of the investigation as noted here in the Sun-Times:

Lawyers also disclosed in court that Michael Tristano, 58, Daniels' former chief of staff, cooperated covertly by attempting to record conversations with another individual over the phone.

Tristano's lawyer, Jeffrey Steinback, would not say who his client called, but it has been apparent over the last several months that Tristano is providing information about his old boss.

I thought I saw some news organization that wasn't even hedging, they were flat out claiming that Daniels was the target but I can't find it. It must have been on tv.

I'd like to know if any of the state workers were used to help Topinka in 1998. As we know she's no stranger to accusations of having state workers do campaign work on state time as has been alleged by her former chief of staff and lover and was also alleged separately by contract employees in her office. Of course she denies it. Of course she does.


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